R U House Ready?

From Homelessness to Home Ownership

About Us

R U House Ready is an Aboriginal founded and owned business that will assist those facing homelessness, having housing issues or at risk of homelessness.

We want to help empower you to develop the tools needed to resolve your housing issues from homelessness to stable housing through to home ownership.

We will deliver all information workshops in a safe cultural competent model, that is trusted in a non-judgemental way that is easy to understand.

Our workshops are designed to help identify barriers, gaps and issues that directly affect people in housing at risk or homelessness, together we will work towards developing tools to resolve and address housing issues.

Naydeene Edwards – Founder of R U House Ready?

Our Services

Half-Day Workshop

Breaking the cycle of the homeless revolving door:

  • 4 Simple Rules of Housing
  • Identifying/Breaking down the barriers
  • Hats and Tools
  • The Next Step

1 Day Workshop

Breaking Down the Barriers with 4 Simple Rules of Housing:

  • Identifying Hats and Tools
  • Understanding Basic Living Skills
  • The Power of Money
  • Living in the two worlds

Individual Support

Individual Support Caters to 1 Person or Family Group:

  • Individualised Program to provide support and tools to resolve a current situation of housing issues.
  • Free 1 hour online, One-on-One Meeting


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Naydeene Edwards

Phone: 044 777 6492
Address: P.O. Box A182
Email: ruhouseready@gmail.com

For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call Naydeene Edwards on 044 777 6492

Our Dream Is To Empower ALL From Homelessness To Home Ownership - We Believe Everyone Has The Right To Have A Safe Place To Call Home.

Naydeene EdwardsR U House Ready?