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R U House Ready?

From Homelessness to Home Ownership


R U House Ready is an Aboriginal founded and owned business that will assist those facing homelessness, having housing issues or at risk of homelessness.

We want to help empower you to develop the tools needed to resolve your housing issues from homelessness to stable housing through to home ownership.

We will deliver all information workshops in a safe cultural competent model, that is trusted in a non-judgemental way that is easy to understand.

Our workshops are designed to help identify barriers, gaps and issues that directly affect people in housing at risk or homelessness, together we will work towards developing tools to resolve and address housing issues.

Naydeene Edwards – Founder of R U House Ready

Your choice of Workshops.

Half-Day Workshop

Information and tools to assist in overcoming immediate housing barriers.

Breaking through Barriers:

  • Understanding processes
  • Policy and Procedures.
  • Planning and Preparation Tools
  • Routines and Goal setting
  • Pathways to Homeownership
  • The Money Mindset
  • Life Hacks, Hats and Tools

One-Day Workshop

We build knowledge, offering a complete overview of the housing process.

The Housing Game Rules

  • The 4 Rules to Housing
  • Planning and Preparation
  • Application Processes
  • Moving In
  • Making a home
  • Your rights and responsibilities
  • Landlords responsibilities
  • Debts/Bills and Payments
  • Legal issues and Processes
  • Anti-social issues / Complaints
  • Vacating and Moving on

Tailored Support

Workshops can be customised to suit your audience or service delivery model. With nearly  25 years’ experience working in the housing sector, both public and private, Naydeene has a wealth of experience to draw upon.

Are you ready to inspire?

Our specialised Tenancy Education Workshops help people to break free from the revolving door of homelessness.


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Naydeene Edwards

Phone: 044 777 6492
Address: P.O. Box A182 Australind WA 6233

To discuss the booking of an Educational Workshop,
please call Naydeene Edwards – Founder & Owner – on 044 777 6492
A proud, culturally confident woman from the ancestral line of the Ngoonooru Wadjari people in Yamatji country, Naydeene was born in Port Hedland, WA.

Through education and hard work, Naydeene has created a successful career from what was once her own daily struggle. Raised within the foster care community and personally transitioning from homelessness to homeowner as a young adult, Naydeene’s lived experience provides unparalleled insights. She now uses her past experience to help other people overcome the barriers to secure, long-term housing.

With nearly 25 years’ hands-on experience in public and private housing organisations – working as a Liaison Officer, Indigenous Tenant Advocate and Aboriginal Support Officer – Naydeene also proudly holds a Graduate Certificate in Housing Management.

From the boardroom to the outback campfire, Naydeene can communicate effectively with people from all walks of life. With her unique mix of professional skills and street-wise experience, she understands and empathises with the workshop participants. As a speaker, Naydeene inspires people to see possibility. Her story resonates and she offers clear and simple pathways to successful change.

Our Dream Is To Empower ALL From Homelessness To Home Ownership - We Believe Everyone Has The Right To Have A Safe Place To Call Home.

Naydeene EdwardsR U House Ready?

Why book a workshop ?

R U House Ready facilitates group workshops to educate, inspire, inform and empower, helping all participants develop a sustained strategy for sustainable tenancy.

We know – from direct personal experience – how education and information helps people make better decisions and choices. If you are facing homelessness, the housing game is very hard to navigate. So, we provide clear pathways. By helping people understand their rights – and their responsibilities – their chances of securing a sustained tenancy increases. We ease the confusion and stress. In everyday language, we offer simple life hacks and essential tools and tips. With the inspiration and information we provide, all workshop attendees are better placed to access suitable and sustainable housing choices.

We identify the issues that can place people at risk of homelessness. We provide easy to understand information in a safe and culturally-competent environment. Treating all participants with dignity and respect, we discuss issues in a  non-judgmental way. We help people understand their rights and give them the power of knowledge. By booking a workshop with R U House Ready, you can plant the seed for change.

Homelessness is closely linked to a lack of access to education.
By booking a workshop, you can help close the education gap.

“ Naydeene knows her stuff – very passionate and very genuine ”.

D. Richie – Workshop Attendee